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Cardiac Monitoring Service

Mawi Cardiac Service


Please find frequently asked questions below:
Which heart problems can the Mawi Cardiac Service detect?
The device collects your EKG data, which is then being analyzed by a deep learning algorithm to detect 75+ different types of arrhythmias, plus sinus rhythm and artifacts — just as well as expert board-certified cardiologists.
When will I receive the report after the study is finished?
If there is no need to validate your results with a doctor - the report will be ready in up to two days since the data is uploaded to our system. Usually, it takes much less than two days.
Do I need to have a dedicated smartphone during a study?
No, the device works automatically without a dedicated smartphone. You can use your smartphone to upload data to the remotely instead of mailing back device to your service provider.
Are there any restrictions on flying with the device?
No, you can use it during the flight and the airport security control as well.
    Are there any restrictions for using the device with pacemakers?
    Yes, the device is not intended for use on patients with any active implantable devices, such as defibrillators or pacemakers.
    Сan I take a shower or a bath with the device?
    The patch is protected against water splashing from any angle according to IP24 standards. So it may be used while showering (with back to the shower spray), but you shouldn't submerge it in water, for example, swim or have a bath with it. Do not use soap or creams near the patch. Gently pat the patch dry after showering.
    The LED on my patch stopped blinking. What should I do?
    If your planned recording time has passed - this means that the patch stopped recording the data as expected.

    If this happened during a recording - press all the electrodes on the patch firmly on the chest and then press the button in the middle of the device. If devices start blinking with green lights - everything is fine. If the device won't start blinking or starts blinking with red lights - this means that the battery is low. Contact your provider in this case.

    The device or part of it had peeled off the chest, what should I do?
    Press all the electrodes firmly on the chest. If the LED stopped blinking - please press the button in the middle of the device and follow our guidelines for the "device stopped blinking" (previous section).
    How should I dispose of the device after use?
    The device contains a battery, and so it shall be separated when disposed of. Dispose of the patch as battery waste - according to local regulations.
    Can I work out while wearing the device? Can I have sex wearing it?
    Yes. To get the best measurement results, it's better to avoid activities or exercise that will cause sweating, because they may affect device contact with skin, but such activities are not prohibited. In case of physical activity always make sure that the device remains correctly placed on your chest during and after it.
    Can I use the device in extreme weather conditions?
    The operational temperature of the device is 0°C to +45 °C (320°F to 1130°F). So if you are using it when it's colder or hotter than this range, pay additional attention to the device not being exposed to these temperatures.

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    User Guide

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