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Polymorphic ventricular extrasystoles in a patient with the installed Mawi biosensor patch

Monitoring of the electrocardiogram over the extended period of time allows us to detect more specific signs of abnormal heart rate and/or conduction which sometimes cannot be recorded during 24-48 hours of the observation. Thus, paired ventricular extrasystoles have been detected in 59 patients during the 3-day monitoring by means of MAWI BIOSENSOR PATCH, which, as it is shown in the figures, have different amplitudes, indicating the polymorphism of such extrasystoles.
Figure 1 shows the highest amplitude of the first extrasystolic complex directed upwards fromthe isoline and it is similar to the left bundle branch block and the second extrasystolic complex - downwards and it is similar to the right bundle branch block.

In Fig. 2 the main amplitude of the two block complexes is directed downwards from the isoline and both of these complexes are similar to the right bundle branch block.