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One vs Two channels Ambulatory ECG Holter Monitor results

Traditional Holter monitors usually allow recording three channels of ECG data with five electrodes located on the chest for prolonged periods - typically for 24-48 hours, but for up to 14 days for some devices. Some models may have fewer leads and record fewer ECG channels, while others may have more electrodes to record 12-lead ECGs. Having more leads is very helpful for such cases as ventricular tachycardia. Recently, a new type of long-term ECG monitoring device has arrived. It's a Holter-patch device with embedded electrodes. Mawi Cardiac Service product uses such a device - Mawi Biosensor Patch, which allows recording two channels of ECG data. When fully charged, its battery can record data for up to 7 days. While Holter-patches may be expensive, when compared to traditional devices, especially in the long run. But they are designed to provide better recordings quality and can be better used during physical activity and sport. Single-channel recorders with patches have also become available and hopefully will provide better recordings than in the past.